Today’s Watch – Challenge Timers

Well, I ran out of time and camera battery to day, so here’s another quick look at three Challenge Timers, i.e. Citizen’s automatic chronographs from the 1970s. These three are all ‘bullhead’ designs, all with different case materials. In the centre is the full stainless steel 67-9356 from October 1980, with the octagonal case. On the left is the nickel alloy 67-9011 from February 1979 which is perhaps the most familiar Citizen chronograph from that time. Although the case material code is ‘SSB’ (stainless steel with black bezel) the case is not steel. On the right is the black coated 4-901096 from December 1973 – same case design as the 67-9011 but with a light alloy case and polished steel bezel, so a case code of ‘BLS’- this one has no model number:


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4 Responses to Today’s Watch – Challenge Timers

  1. Luis says:

    Hi Stephen, should be a typo but I think your 67-9011 may be 1979 as the 8110 was launched 1n 1972. Beautiful threesome by the way !! Regards. Luis.

  2. Eduardo Farha says:

    Thank you!

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