Today’s Watch – Citizen Automatic Chronograph, 67-9071, 23 Jewels

Another 8110A auto chronograph given the Brian Leiser treatment is today’s choice. This is the 67-9071, a ‘monaco’ style piece with green main dial straight from the 1970s. It needed a lot of work, but Brian, as usual, did a great job – there’s a link below to a blog page where you can read Brian’s notes and see his pics of the restoration.

This model is fairly rare and it’s hard to find a good one – the black case is often quite worn and the dials can fade and flake over the years. I managed to source new hands for mine which really brightened it up. And what I believe is an original bracelet is a great addition to this one – it’s a laminated resin material, and not for serious use these days since there is some splitting apparent although it remains nice and flexible. Mine is from December 1973, so it’s fairly early in the 8110A production run which started in October 1972. Like other rarer models I suspect it had a short production run – it isn’t listed in 1977 in my casing parts catalogue:

Here’s Brian’s picture rich write-up of his work on this one:

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