This Week’s Featured Watch #5 – the Ace

Following the success of the Deluxe, launched in 1958, Citizen used the same movement but at a slightly lower grade (i.e. without the three adjustments) in 1961 with the launch of the ‘Ace’. Produced (as far as I can determine) until 1966, it used hand winding movements numbered 9210, 9230, 9231 and 9232 – the Deluxe movement was the 9200 – and was loaded with either 21 or 23 jewels. Here’s mine from October 1962, featuring a wide and fluted bezel, typically marked Parawater and Parashock:

The case back is also typical of the early 1960s Citizens, with the etched scrolling round the outside:

Model variations include a Second Setting (‘hacking’) version, a ’40m’ Parawater version, and the ‘Discus’. This one is from July 1961:

The case back features the Discus – a tropical fish – and is unique to this model:

Here’s the movement, unlike the Deluxe there is no ‘3 adjustments’ stamp, with logo etc. painted orange. Running at 18,000 beats per hour this hand winder was typical of its day:

As was usually the case in the early 1960s the lugs are drilled through, and here the different lug profiles can be seen in each model:



The Ace then, a slightly ‘de-tuned’ Deluxe, representing Citizen’s growing model range some 40 years ago.

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