This Week’s Featured Watch #6 – the Challenge Golf

I’m playing in a golf competition tomorrow, and that made me think of one of my watches, a rather unusual model called the ‘Challenge Golf’. First produced in 1972 when golf was becoming enormously popular, Citizen came up with a novel feature in the form of a score counter. The 7760 movement is unique to this model, and is part of the Leopard family of movements. There were two case types, one with a round dial in stainless steel or gold plate, and one with a rectangular or ‘TV’ dial. They either had green or blue dials with black  PVD coated cases – here is my TV style mode, with wide brushed stainless steel  bezel:

The face features a small date window at 5 o’clock position, and more prominantly the score counter at 12 o’clock:

Unusually the signed crown is positioned at 8 o’clock. The movement is automatic, but can be hand wound and it ‘hacks’. The date is not quick set, so is set by winding back and forth between 12 and 9. The score counter is moved on by pressing the crown in (you can see in the first image that the crown sits slightly out to allow it to be depressed to move the counter):

The back is stamped conventionally with the movement and case numbers, and ‘BLS’ (black and stainless steel) case material code.  Serial number shows production in May 1973 – I suspect these models had only a short production run. Again you can see how the crown sits proud of the case in the normal running position :

Here’s the movement – 26 jewels and a fine adjuster indicate a high quality piece:

Finally, the rather neat logo:

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2 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #6 – the Challenge Golf

  1. Jack Wong says:

    Hi there
    By any slightest chance, do you have any intention to sell this watch?

    I am very keen to buy

    Thank you. Please email me? 🙂

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