It Came in a Box……

but that was when it was new! I’ve got four examples – moving back in time, the first is a rather plain box from 1974:

Fortunately the watch inside is not plain:

Next is a Seven Autodater box, from around 1964. In those days, they had an outer box:

The inner box is more interesting, with a very cool 3-d design:

Going back a year or two and here is a Jet Autodater box, again with an outer shell, I like the graphics on this one very much:

And the inner plastic box, with instruction card and marked with the ‘C’ logo:


Instructions show how to set the date:

Inside the inner box lid the gold coloured printing repeats what is found on the outer shell:

And the box is nicely lined in blue:

Finally, here’s a Super Deluxe box from the late 1950’s:

Boxes may sound boring, but for me they add to the collection and are evocative of the time they were produced.

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2 Responses to It Came in a Box……

  1. Martin says:

    Me gustaría comprar un citizen challengers golf

    • sweephand says:

      Hola Martin – gracias por visitar mi blog. El Golf Challenge es un interesante reloj, pero no sé de uno para la venta en este momento que tengo miedo,


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