Today’s Watch – Citizen Highness, 28 Jewels

After the Seven Star V2 yesterday, I thought I’d feature on of the high grade watches to which it is related, although this one is in the 72 family. This one is a date only version of the 72, and is the 28 jewel 7430, running at 36,000 beats per hour. The ‘Highness’ is top of the Leopard range (well almost – the Glorious tops them all!) and is a chronometer grade piece, although not ‘officially certified’. Citizen themselves described it as an ‘excellent class of chronometer’, and they are desirable pieces for collectors. The first Highness models had their own special dial logo, and a medallion on the back, then Citizen dropped those and introduced an applied ‘CH’ to the dial or a printed ‘Highness’ in a unique gothic style of font – and that’s what we see here. Although some of the ‘CH’ models had colourful dials, more unusual case shapes and faceted crystals, this one is a classic design, with simple baton hour markers and slender dauphin hands, all with black centre lines. With quick-set date, hand wing and hacking, and a compact size – about 37mm excluding crown – it is a smart automatic dress watch. The Highness line emerged in 1970, and this one is from July 1971 (sorry for getting the second hand just there!):

And to finish it off, it’s good to have the right buckle:

Here’s the 72 Moveemnt ‘Family Tree’ which shows this one along with its siblings:

Click to access 72leopardsevenstarfamilytreesecure.pdf

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8 Responses to Today’s Watch – Citizen Highness, 28 Jewels

  1. Mark Hunter says:

    Oh my, this is one I’m after! A beauty, and so much cooler than a GS. Although I’m wearing this today…



  2. marvin says:

    For anyone who appreciates the beauty of simple excellence, this one is it. Thanks Stephen.

  3. Ander says:

    Sorry, my bad. I forgot ti puta something.
    4-751396 TA

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Ander, thanks for visiting my blog. The case number 94-751396) suggests your watch has a 75 moveemnt inside. I’m not aware of a vintage movement with that number, but there is an eco-drive with that movement number – is it one of those? Stephen

  4. David Polushkin says:

    Hi. Did these also come with faceted crystals?

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