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Today’s Watch – Citizen Highness, 28 Jewels

After the Seven Star V2 yesterday, I thought I’d feature on of the high grade watches to which it is related, although this one is in the 72 family. This one is a date only version of the 72, and … Continue reading

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Leopard (Highness) Chronometer Original Faceted Glass

There’ll be a full write-up on the work Brian Leiser did to repair my Leopard high-beat Chronometer, so for now here’s a post about the original crystal I managed to source from Japan – the only one I’ve seen in … Continue reading

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A Small Enhancement to the Citizen Highness

One aspect of collecting, besides the acquisition of the watches themselves, is finding little extras – maybe an original box, or some marketing material from the era they were made. Original bracelets are also good to have of course. Much … Continue reading

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Citizen’s version of the Snow Leopard?

Although Citizen’s range of ‘Leopard’ high-beat watches is probably fairly well known, there were one or two higher end versions in the line which are much less often spotted (!). Like the Snow Leopard in the animal kingdom, they are … Continue reading


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This Week’s Featured Watch #2 – the Highness

This one wasn’t the planned featured watch for this week – but once it arrived, I thought I’d change the plan! So this week it’s the Highness, a high grade, high-beat automatic from the early 1970s. When I first started … Continue reading

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