Citizen’s version of the Snow Leopard?

Although Citizen’s range of ‘Leopard’ high-beat watches is probably fairly well known, there were one or two higher end versions in the line which are much less often spotted (!). Like the Snow Leopard in the animal kingdom, they are elusive and hard to find, and perhaps the most elusive of all is the ‘Highness’.

I’ve seen only one Highness outside of Japan auctions, which I managed to acquire, and only a very small number have appeared for sale in Japan over the last couple of years. The movement used is the 28 jewel 7730 , running at 36,000 beats per hour. This is part of a small family of 7700 movements, mainly powering a few standard Leopard models at 28,800 bph but also the ‘Challenge Golf’ (7760).

More info on the highness here: and the Challenge Golf:

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