Today’s Watch – Citizen Seven Star V2, 24 Jewels

Citizen’s second generation Seven Star watches replaced the original 52 family of movements with the 72 or 77 calibres just four years later, in 1969, and added the ‘V2’ moniker. In line with watch technology development at the time, the later movement ran at 21,600 bph rather than 18,000. Today’s example is from December 1972 and uses the 7710 calibre, so the winding crown is at the 4 o’clock position and it has a quick-set mechanism for both date and day. There were 10 or so versions of the 77 movement, whilst the 72 numbered over 20 variants, so you are likely to see fewer of the 77 models for sale these days. And they are good quality movements, used in high end pieces with up to 31 jewels. The least number of jewels used in the 77’s is 22, and mine today has 24 jewels – in good condition these can run very accurately and this one is no exception:

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