Today’s Watch – Citizen Cutlass, 27 Jewels

Citizen used their 52 movements, first used in the Crystal Seven line in 1965, in the Cutlass range. These traded on the slimness of the calibre, hence the name, and a number of different models were produced from 1968. They typically introduced some innovative (at that time) designs for the cases and dials, and used 27, 30 and 33 jewelled variants of the 52 (day & date) and 54 (date only) movement. I featured a 33 jewel model with a fancy dial on 12/04/20, whilst the one today empathises the case shape. The Cutlass is a good quality watch, and this is demonstrated here by the slender hour markers with black centre lines around a pale blueish grey dial. It’s finished off nicely be a contrasting set of slender black hands. The movement has a quick-set and ‘hacks’. The case numbers for these is unusual since they are in the form of 4-26xxxx rather than 4-52xxxx or 4-54xxxx which reflect the movement in the Crystal series. The bracelet looks to be an original for this model:

Scan from late 1960s marketing:


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