Today’s Watch – Citizen Leopard, 67-2050 (4-720903), 28 Jewels

The Highness models, as featured yesterday, can be elusive – and expensive! – so a good alternative that is both easier to find and not so costly to buy, is one of the 36,000 beats per hour Leopards. So here is one of those today, case number 4-720903 and it was one of my earliest purchases. The oval dial and crystal on these is an attractive design, and the movement is the same as the ones used in the Highness, but not tweaked quite to chronometer standards. The 28 jewel variant in today’s piece is a 7230 – 72 because it has day and date complications, with hand winding of course, as well as quick-set date and hacking capabilities. With silver dial and a neat tail-less second hand that sweeps smoothly round the dial, it sits well on the wrist. The main hands are lumed on this model and there are lume dots on the outer ends of the hour markers – if you see a watch with lumed hands but no lume on the hour markers, or vice versa, then more likely than not the hands are incorrect (or the dial has been replaced/refurbished). After a rotor repair when I first got it, this one runs well, although I would always recommend a service first if you want to wear a high beat watch regularly. This one is from November 1973:

More on this watch here:

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