Back After Vacation….

….had a great two weeks in La Belle France, enjoying the beauty and cuisine of Brittany. Since this isn’t a travel blog I shall say no more, except to mention the watch I took with me of course!

My holiday watch was a 1970 Seven Star V2 beater – with it’s well worn case and bezel this is no great beauty, but it is a superb time-keeper. After two weeks it was spot on, with no adjustment at all required, just as it had been on a similar trip to Italy over two years ago:


The 7280 movement in this 23 jewelled one runs at 21,600 beats per hour:


There’s something appealing about a fairly ordinary and well-worn vintage watch that runs at chronometer standard!

Watch this space for the next Featured Watch, which will be a somewhat rarer model than the V2….

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