This Week’s Featured Watch #13 – the Crystate Deluxe

My first ‘featured watch’ was the Crystate, a seldom seen hand winder from the late 1960’s. At the time I commented that it would be very nice to have the deluxe version in my collection…..

I was fortunate to find one recently, in very good condition, and is one of only a couple I’ve seen for sale. Again a hand winder, the Crystate Deluxe is distinguished by a single applied star on the dial, and one more jewel in the movement:

The movement hacks, and the above pic shows the crown in the hacking position. The movement finish is unique to the Crystate:

The back is engraved, looks like this piece was either presented to an employee for long service or maybe  it commemorates a milestone in a company’s history, and shows production in May, 1969:

The dial is well finished, with hands and hour markers detailed in black:

The addition of one star on the Deluxe model is unusual – prior to this the ‘super’ variants often had three stars to help differentiate them from the standard versions.

I think the solid link bracelet is original to this watch:

Here are the two versions together – the Deluxe is slightly larger – and I’m  pleased to say both are very good timekeepers:

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