Work in Progress – Vintage Divers

For information – I’m currently working on a new article, this time on Citizen’s vintage divers. I should be able to get it finished and uploaded around the beginning of August.

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2 Responses to Work in Progress – Vintage Divers

  1. Ed Bingham says:

    Hi i have one of these vintage diver GN-4-5 52-0110 head only ,Do you know what the original
    bracelet that was fitted .

    Cheers Ed

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Ed, I understand there were two types of bracelet used on the 150m divers from the early 1970s. At the moment I’ve got a pic of one, and I’m waiting for an image of the other from a guy who has collected these divers and knows them well. Hopefully I’ll get that soon so I can include it in the article I’m doing. So for now here’s the one I know for certain – this is a scan from Citizen’s 1971 catalog, so it’s completely reliable:


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