Japanese Auction – 1962 Chronometer

I keep an eye on Yahoo Japan not only to buy the odd watch, but also to see what interesting pieces turn up, and what they sell for. Citizen’s first watch to be made to chronometer standards – the 31 jewel hand winding Chronometer from 1962 – appears now and again. Clearly a very desirable piece for collectors, the prices they fetch reflect this, and this weekend saw one go for precisely JPY116,111 – that’s US$1479.17. Apparently in good working order, and keeping time to -10 seconds per day, there is wear to the white gold filled case at the lugs and some dial spotting – here are the seller’s pics, duly credited to him:

Japanese seller’s often don’t include a movement shot, but this one has 🙂  The serial number inside the case back shows production in July 1963:

The case back medallion looks to be in good condition:

At around GB£1000 in my currency this is not likely to be something to feature in my own collection!!

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8 Responses to Japanese Auction – 1962 Chronometer

  1. Bill Sohne says:

    Very interesting, I have a steel example in my collection . Not much info on this model is on the net…. Thanks for sharing…..

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Bill, great to hear you have one of Citizen’s first Chronometers. Most of the few I’ve seen (all in Japanese auctions) have been gold filled, the steel ones are even rarer. Have you any photos you could share? 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog,

  2. Bill Sohne says:

  3. Logan Rao says:

    Hi Sweephand,

    Please kindly email me if you want to sell it.
    It would also be grateful if you could inform me when you encounter another one of this lovely citizen chronometer.
    My email: [edit: email address removed to avoid possible spamming]

    Thanks a lot,


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Logan, thanks for visiting my blog. I wish the Chronometer were mine! I was posting about this one which was sold on Yahoo Japan – I’m afraid they sell for rather more than my budget allows 🙂

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