Chronograph Article Update

Just done a quick update to the Chronograph Article, after finding a new variant of the 8110a ‘Walter Wolf’ titanium cased special edition. Previously I’d only seen black dialled versions, then up popped one with a pale gold dial, with a honeycomb texture on it. I’ve only included one image in the article, to allow quick reference for identification as with all the other models, so here are some more photos, all with due credit to the seller on Yahoo Japan:

I can’t quite make out the dial code unfortunately, so that will remain a gap in the data for now. Here is the unique titanium case, and titanium bracelet by the looks of it – this example is from 1974, when that material was very new to the watch world:

Finally some more images – the bracelet, case / bezel, buttons, dial and hands are all unique to this model as far as I know:

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