67-9313 Chronograph – This One’s a Beater

Other than a couple of hands, I found I had enough parts to build one of my favourite chronographs – the 67-9313 model, often known as the ‘speedy’ due to  its resemblance to the Omega Speedmaster. I’d got a spare and complete 8110a movement, along with a case and a well (but nicely :)) worn bezel, as well as a dial, minus its feet. So following purchase of a set of hands, I put together this chronograph beater – one I can wear regularly so that my better example stays out of trouble!:

On a nice chocolate brown leather strap, it looks better on the wrist than the first shot suggests:

The case, back, crown and buttons are in decent original condition:


The movement needed a bit of regulation, since it was running fast, but it’s now keeping very good time.

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10 Responses to 67-9313 Chronograph – This One’s a Beater

  1. Kuan says:

    Great choice for everyday beater! Where did you get those new hands from? I have 3 x 67-9313 and 2 of them need new hands. Kuan

  2. JAY48 says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Wow, that looks amazing. If you ever want to flip it, drop me a line!
    P.S. I’m also interested in where you acquired the hands for this project.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jay – I found the hands on eBay. In fact I only needed the sub-dial hands, since I had a suitable set of main hands from a 67-9038 parts watch.

  3. Carlo says:

    Hi Sweephands, looking around for an original bottom cover for my 67-9393 I have found what the seller told me to be a NOS cage of this 67-9313 complete of glass, pushers, crown,inner plastic movement holder, and a thin disc that i imagin will find his place between dial and movement all thhis in a really new condition. I bought it for a reasonable price against the trouble to find glass and bottom cover for my nice watch that ar not originals.
    Question is: could it be a new aftermarket/chinese remake? Have you seen copy of this cages?
    Could it be an original NOS?
    Where can i post some photos so that you can give me your valued opinion?
    Thanks in advance

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Carlo,

      I’m afraid you can’t post photos on the blog, but you can include a link to where they are stored if that’s possible and I can take a look at your case and parts. If not I can e-mail you if you wish so you can send them to me, but let me know first if you’re ok with that.

      I’ve not yet seen any after market copies of the case for the 67-9313, but I suppose it could happen.


  4. nenad says:

    how much is price

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