Chronograph Article Updated

I’ve just updated the chronograph page – firstly to make the rather obvious point that the case numbers of the 8110A models are always 4-901xxx and the 8100A’s are 4-900xxx.

More importantly I’ve added a note about a fourth 67-9038 model, a silver dialled version with a different case number from the others. Unfortunately I don’t yet have an image to post (although I have an image of the back which confirms the case number).

And finally I’ve added a second version of the 67-9143 black & gold model, case number 4-901088, with a nice clear image too 🙂

Finding these ‘new’ original models is one of the exciting aspects of collecting and documenting vintage Citizens – in fact I have a list of several 8110A case numbers for which I don’t yet have images, so it looks like there are more to come, if only I can find them!!

NB: I’ve also (finally!) worked out how to increase the font size, so it’s now much easier to read…..

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