Movement Table Updated to Version 6.0

I’ve just uploaded the latest version of the Movement Table, moving from v5.2 to v6.0 – access it via the blogroll on the right of the page.

I’ve now included the divers in the dial markings column – these were previously incomplete until I’d done my research for the Divers Page. And besides one or two other minor amendments I have also been able to include the 7250 and 7750 movements, which are chronometer grade models in the Leopard line, with 31 jewels – see this thread on the SCWF for information:,39984.msg267775.html#msg267775

Following help from ‘Andy’ via his comments on this blog I’ve also added a note to the production date section at the end of the table, to reference a different type of serial number.

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24 Responses to Movement Table Updated to Version 6.0

  1. David Hemsworth says:

    Gday Steven,
    Was wondering if you could help me ID a watch. Ostensibly 21J with round golden dial. Green glow-in-the-dark dots every five minutes. It has squares at 6 and 9, two squares at 12 and day/date at 3.
    Case back is as follows:

    Cheers mate. Any help would be gratefully received.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Dave – thanks for visiting my blog. You have an automatic from July 1987, with the 8200, 21 jewel movement that Citizen introduced in 1976. The movement has been used, and developed, for 30 years or so – it was Citizen’s ‘workhorse’ auto and in good condition it is very reliable and can keep very good time. Typically in the 1980s the dials have a stylized eagle logo, with ‘7’ in the centre and these are known as Eagle 7’s, a competitor to Seiko’s ‘5’ range. The 8200 runs at 21,600 beats per hour and can be hand wound as well, which is useful to get the watch up and running quickly when it has wound down. Here’s a link to the relevant instruction manual:

      Hope this helps,

      • David Hemsworth says:

        Oh ripper. You have decribed it perfectly. Except for the eagle and 7. Possibly a new dial? I don’t know. It was a cheapy from India.
        Was extremely reliable for a number of years, but now has a rattle and is difficult to start up. Any idea what this could be?

        • sweephand says:

          Ah, if from India it is probably a re-painted dial. Sounds like a loose rotor – can you hand wind it? If the rotor is loose it could mean that the screw threads have worn away – you need to get the back off and have a look to be sure whether this is the problem.


  2. klevi says:

    Hi Steven
    I have an old women’s watch, i will copy what it writes on its backcase:
    and its frontplate:
    it has a day/date window
    Can you help me to ID this watch?
    Cheers Levi

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Levi, thanks for visiting my blog. I can indeed help id your watch 🙂 You have a Cosmostar V2, which was produced in the early 1970s using the very nice high beat (28,800 eats per hour) 6600 / 6601 movement. They have either 17 or 21 jewels, and can run very accurately and reliably even with little or no servicing. The case material code (BL) suggests yours has a black coated case – is that correct?

      4-66036 (does it have one more number in it, they are usually in the format of 4-xxxxxx?) is the case number, which also helps identify the movement. 64-1537 is the model number, which is not so helpful. GN-4-S is the case type, meaning it is a waterproof design with a screw on back. 2030310 is the serial number, and the first three numbers gives us the production date. Since these were only made in the 1970s, yours is from March 1972.


      • klevi says:

        Thank you for the answer and I have a question about this watch
        Its glass is very scratched it can be replaced?
        Here is some photos of the watch:
        Thanks again

        • sweephand says:

          You’re welcome Levi 🙂 I’m afraid original parts for Citizen’s older watches are very hard to find. The part number for your watch crystal is 54-50540 – I’ve checked a couple of suppliers but no joy I’m afraid. You could ask a good watchmaker to find an alternative – Jules Borel, a supplier in the USA lists an alternative for example.

          Thanks for the pics – it is a nice watch, and I hope you can get a new crystal for it.


  3. Jaret Wright says:

    Helllo there, I was giving my Grandfathers watch after he passed and was hoping you could shed some light on it for me it’s a citizen model gn-4w-s and the serial # is 50690677. It’s also has cq stamped on the inside face under the glass, looks to be 70s to late 80s, thank you in advance if your able to help.

  4. Migo Hehamahua says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Could you please help identify my watch. Nothing written on the dial except Citizen under 12 marker and 21 jewels on top of 6 marker. It has a date window on 3.

    On back case written:
    Water resistant
    4-168011 SM


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Migo – I believe your watch is from the mid-1970s, and has an 1810 ‘Homer’ movement. This is the date version of the 02 Homer, a movement first produced in 1960 and made right through to 1980 or so. This model has no serial number unfortunately, so we can’t date it exactly. the ’63’ prefix to the model number is typical of Homer models. The use of water ‘resistant’ rather then ‘proof’ means it must be later than the early 1970s. You can find more on the ‘Homer’ movements by searching my blog and taking a look at the 02/Homer Family Tree.

      • Migo Hehamahua says:

        Hi again Stephen. Thank you for your fast reply and the information.

        Just curious, how do you know the cal is 1810? I just check and find a very small code and yes it says 1810.

        Thanks again.

        • sweephand says:

          You’re welcome Migo. The indicators for the movement type are that the ’63’ part of the model number was used for Homer movements, and so too were case numbers with 4-16xxxx. Since the watch has a date complication it must be the 1810, rather than the 02 which has no date. Stephen

  5. Ike Walton says:

    Could you help me I found this watch on a trail in Tn. Some years back and put it away in a box I took it out to put a battery. Citizen watch: 3220. S 04573 SMW. 8043657 GN4-5-5. Thanks for your help.

  6. sulaisha says:

    It’s 2020 and I guess I’m pushing my luck here but I was hoping you could help me identify one of my dad’s watches.

    The reading on the back says

    Citizen watch co
    Water resist

    Also this is a fantastic blog. You have a lot of history documented here over the years !

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Sulaisha, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. It would be helpful if you could send photos of the dial and case back – I will email you direct since you can’t post them here directly. Stephen

  7. Claire Mckee says:

    Hi its been so interesting reading your blog and everyone’s stories, I am hoping you can help me also identify my watch Citizen watch Co, W. R 5BAR, St Steel, F510-so39568 cwt, serial no 6 n0713, GN – 4-s¬9, on front screen says wicca citizen, I appreciate any information you can give me, many thanks

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Claire, thanks for visiting my blog, and good to see you have found it interesting. Your watch is a relatively recent quartz, so I’m afraid I don’t know much about it other than what I can get from the case back information you have provided. F510 refers to the movement, which I understand is a chronograph with hour, minute and second counters. The ‘WICCA’ sub-brand was used for both men’s and women’s watches. ‘F510-so39568’ is the model/case number, but I couldn’t find an example on the internet – ‘cwt’ is probably a factory code. GN-4S-9 is the case type code, indicating a water resistant design. The serial number usually helps to give a production date, but I don’t know when these were made, so it could be November 1996 or 2006. As far as I can determine the 510 movement is not one of the solar powered eco-drive range. Here’s a link to the 510 instruction manual:

  8. Mark says:

    Hi – I’m wondering if you can help with info on my grandfather’s watch.
    Citizen Watch Co.
    Water Resist
    Base Metal YP
    3801-987861 KT

    And along the very bottom of the face:
    Mov’t Japan dial Korea P-3801-T12454 KY

    Thanks in advance!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Mark, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch is a little too recent for me since my collection and reference material run to around 1980 at the latest. The 3801 is a quartz movement, usually marked ‘Crystron’ I think. My best guess is that it is from the mid to late 1980s, so using the first three figured in the serial number, yours is from October 1986 (610). ‘3801-987861′ is the case number, which helpfully tells us which movement is inside. ’35-8622’ is the model number and ‘GN-4W-S’ is the case type code, indicating a water resistant design. Stephen

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