This Week’s Featured Watch #52 – Homer Pocket Watch, 21 Jewels

Something a bit different today – Citizen started with pocket watches back in the 1920s, and continued to produce them whilst fashion changed and the wristwatch became the norm. I’d like to get hold of one of the first pocket watch models, but for now I am very happy with this Homer model from the late 1960s:

This one uses the very reliable 02 Homer movement – Citizen also used the 18 movement with date window in some pocket watches. Personally I prefer the simple looks of the plain dial, and the black hands on this one are very nice indeed (with credit to seller for pic):

The chain on this is for use with a belt (more traditional chains are used with waist coats or ‘vests’) and the watch is kept in the small pocket usually found above the right pocket:

The watch is in very nice condition, and I haven’t tried to open the back for fear of damaging it, and it is neatly inscribed:

I understand the inscription relates to a safety award from the Fujita company.

Will make a nice change to wear a pocket watch 🙂

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