Bill’s Hand-wind 31 jewel Chronometer

Following Jim’s diver, here’s another watch from a blog visitor. Bill commented about his 31 jewel hand wound chronometer and kindly gave permission to use the photos he sent me 🙂 Full credit goes to Bill for the four watch images posted here.

Citizen’s first true Chronometer was produced in 1962 and is now a sought after piece. It is rarely seen outside of Japan – in Japan they sell for big money! The majority I’ve seen are gold filled, occasionally solid gold, with fewer in stainless steel. Bill’s is a steel one:

The dial is of a classic design, and carries the Eagle emblem, which is repeated on the case back medallion:

The serial number gives a production date of April 1965 – these models were probably not made much later than that as automatics became more the norm. Here’s the inside of the case back:

And here’s a great shot of the high grade movement – note the unique movement number and fine adjuster on the balance:

As far as I understand it, these Chronometers were made to Citizen’s own standards, which probably exceeded the Swiss COSC measures at that time. Here’s a scan of the relevant certificate:

I’m very grateful to Bill for allowing use of his photos – this is a significant watch and it’s great to be able to show it in this post. 

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6 Responses to Bill’s Hand-wind 31 jewel Chronometer

  1. Marko says:

    Awesome! What a beaty! The movement is outstanding!!! The balance bridge is similar to those old, high grade pocket watch movements, which i have seen: It is attached from both ends instead one and balance wheel is relatively big (same as Zenith cal.135 chronometer).
    Well, i can´t stop watching that movement photo, it´s so interesting and movement has been made in such an exceptional way! It would be nice to see a photo from different angle from the movement… Bill, could you send one more…? 😀
    My Japanese is a bit rusty, so i don´t understand a word from certificate 😀 But those numbers are great! Same as Seikos chronometer standard, it exceed COSC measures in accuracy, i guess.
    Thank you, Bill and Stephen! This one save my day !
    Regards, Marko

  2. kidsbikesadvisor says:

    nice vintage watch, love its movement inside so much

  3. Bill Sohne says:

    Hi Guys

    I have not been around for a while… i still have the watch , let me know if you need more photos…

    I also posted a link to here
    from :

    Best regards

    bill Sohne

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