Jim’s Diver, a 52-0110 from 1978

After a ‘comment’ from Jim about his vintage diver, he kindly agreed that I could use his photos 🙂  Rather than post them in comments, I wanted to feature them in a post on the home page, since it is great to see a watch that has been owned from new by the same person:

Jim bought this watch in 1978, the year it was made, whilst in Japan. The model number is 52-0110, so it uses the 8200 movement first produced in 1975.  The case number, 4-820789, also provides a clear indication of the movement used. Here’s the back:

Many thanks to Jim for sending the photos and giving permission for their use here – full credit to Jim for the images of course.

For more information about Citizens mechanical divers, see here: https://sweep-hand.org/citizens-vintage-divers-1962-to-1980/

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6 Responses to Jim’s Diver, a 52-0110 from 1978

  1. stuartm1970 says:

    Reblogged this on Vintage Watches Middle East and commented:
    Here at Vintage Watches Middle east, we love a one-owner watch that’s been well-worn. Learn more thanks to Sweephand…

  2. Wayne says:

    I have the exact same watch. I lost the bezel off mine back in 1991 and had no luck in finding a new or second hand one. I still have the watch minus strap, I could not part with it as this was my first divers watch that I bought back in 1978 and I was only 17 and I remember this watch costing me a fare chunk of notes back in Christchurch, New Zealand. I had only been out of school for 18 months. If anyone has any idea of how to find another bezel it would be much appreciated as I would love to wear the watch again considering I have now owned it for 35 years. This watch would look very nice all intact sitting beside my Red 1999 Festina chronogragh.
    Kind Regards Wayne

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Wayne, sorry for slow reply and thanks for visiting my blog. Great to hear about another watch owned from new 🙂 A real shame about the bezel, is the whole bezel missing, or just the insert? I would think the only way to replace the bezel would be to find a donor watch – there are sometimes replacement inserts around if you found a donor with a badly worn insert.


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