Diamond Flake – Power Reserve

This mini series on the Diamond Flake ends with a real positive 🙂  I fully wound the watch on Monday (14th October) at 14.10 hours. It stopped today (16th October) at 12.10. That’s an impressive 46 hours, not at all bad for a 50 year old watch – and for a movement that was hidden behind this:

The watch is also keeping excellent time, with no adjustment needed over several days.

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6 Responses to Diamond Flake – Power Reserve

  1. I’m very glad you managed to bring life back into that beauty. The power reserve is really impressive too. Good job! 🙂

  2. chris irish says:

    This whole site is wonderful,clear concise and a mine of information. Well done Mr Sweephand!

  3. cw says:


    Just like to say that i have just started collecting watches and thoroughly enjoy your blog.

    I have recently acquired a copy of the diamond flake with para water markings. The movement is thin however the crystal that came with it is almost the same height as the watch case. Do you know the original height of the crystal used? I was not able to find side profile pics of my particular model. Do you think i should change it?


    • sweephand says:

      Hi CW, thanks for visiting my blog, and good to hear that you enjoy it 🙂 I don’t have any side profile pics of your model I’m afraid and I don’t have the thickness of the glass either. I can understand that it may look out of proportion given the slimness of the case if the crystal is high which kind of undermines the whole idea of a super slim design. Can you see a model / case number on the back of the watch? For example F14701 or 1407051. Might be able to get the part number for the crystal if you have that.


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