Jack’s Golf

No, not a motor car, but a rather special example of Citizen’s unique Challenge Golf watch. Jack has kindly allowed me to use his photos here – please do not reproduce them anywhere else (thanks). Jack found a mint example of the ‘TV’ style model:

As you can see it is in superb condition, and is on a very nice black Citizen bracelet. This may well be an original fitting, an alternative to a white leather strap I’ve seen in contemporary catalogs:

What is particularly special, and rare, about Jack’s watch is that it came in its original box, a hinged wooden example with a very nice outer cover:

Here’s the case back, showing production in 1973:

Inside lies the 7760 movement, unique to this model:

More detailshots of the dial:

This is a very nice collector’s item, and congratulations to Jack on his acquisition. And thanks for sharing the photos with us – again please do not reproduce these anywhere else.

(more information on the Challenge Golf here: https://sweep-hand.org/2011/06/07/this-weeks-featyured-watch-6-the-challenge-golf/)

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2 Responses to Jack’s Golf

  1. Jack Wong says:

    Thank you Stephen. This is one illusive watch and often off the radar of collectors. 🙂

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