A Little Project – Black Dial 67-9038 Chronograph Sorted……Postscript

Well, after putting the black dialled 67-9038 together and being pleased with it, I have now learned an important lesson! i.e. it’s always worth studying parts under magnification. I was keen to get the piece together, so I’d only looked at the dial with the naked eye. However, Markus (see his comment on the original post: https://sweep-hand.org/2014/02/18/a-little-project-black-dial-67-9038-chronograph-sorted/) is aware that after-market dials are now available for this model. This was news to me, since I only knew of the Challenge Timer (‘bullhead’) after-market dials. So of course I immediately had a close look, and Markus is absolutely right!

Markus explained that the difference to look for is that the applied ‘Citizen’ logo is bigger on the after-market dial, and indeed it is. I also noticed though that the printing is of a poorer quality, being less fine than the original.

So lesson learned, always be on the look out for such things if you are looking for original parts, and don’t assume, as I confess I did, that the only after-market parts for Citizen’s vintage chronographs are for the bullhead. Fortunately I’ve not spent much money on this, so I have a beater I can use – the movement seems fine, keeps good time and all works correctly – and maybe a genuine dial will turn up some time!!

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