Export Models

Identifying Citizen’s many models can sometimes be challenging – and it’s made more so when the watch appears not to carry the expected model markings. At first it seems that the watch might be a fake or a re-dial – and sometimes this may of course be true! But it’s worth knowing that as early as the 1960s Citizen was exporting watches well beyond the Japanese domestic market, and sometimes their watches are marked differently. What I’ve noticed is that usually the model name is dropped from the dial. For example, here are two auto-daters that would normally carry the ‘540’ or ‘520’  name below the 12 0’clock marker:


As you can see from these two, they carry the ‘Waterproof’ mark rather than ‘Parawater’, and ‘Shockproof’ rather than ‘Parashock’,  another indication that these were for export.:

The 02 ‘Homer’ movement was often used in export models, and it’s not unusual to see this type of dial, marked ‘water protected’ (a lower level of protection than waterproof) and ‘unbreakable spring’ :

Here’s a woman’s watch marked in a similar way, this time with  a 1910 movement, from 1967 – this movement was used in the ‘Excel’ watches sold in Japan :

The back carries lots of information!:

The situation gets more complicated further by the use of a different model name. In this example, with thanks to Pete in New Zealand for sending the pics, an automatic with the 5470 movement usually seen in the ‘Crystal Date’ is given the ‘Newmaster’ moniker:

Again the back is marked waterproof, whilst the case number is consistent with the movement inside:

Citizen used the ‘Newmaster’ name across a range of automatic and hand winding models – most frequently it’s seen on the early 1970s hand winders with ‘Homer’ movements.

Finally, one model name that I think has been used only on export models is ‘Super King’. I’ve seen it with a Jet auto as well as the 52 & 54 movements. As far as I know, so far at least, this wasn’t a model sold on the Japanese domestic market:

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4 Responses to Export Models

  1. Pete says:

    Hi Stephen, Great write up, but im not Australian thankyou im a Kiwi from NZ. Cheers Pete.

  2. A says:

    Hi Stephen
    Nice article. I recently acquired a Citizen day-date with a jet rotor inside and was confused because the case back said waterproof not parawater as you would expect for a 65 model. Your article explains why that is. Thanks for helping out a fledgling citizen fan!
    Regards Alva

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Alva, thanks for visiting my blog and glad to see it has been useful. Sometimes the case back markings can be confusing! As you have discovered the ‘waterproof’ marking indicates an export model.


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