This Week’s Featured Watch #57: Cosmotron GX (green dial)

I’ve featured a Cosmotron GX before – Number 33 in the series – but I have a second example. This one grabbed my attention since it has an unusual dial, featuring a textured green finish and contrasting white chapter ring:

The GX has a single coil tuning fork movement, so is a bit of an anomaly in the Cosmotron line-up since they are normally powered by an electro-mechanical movement. This example was made in 1975 – the movement number is 3701B, with 11 jewels:

As with the Hisonic tuning fork model, the second hand sweep is very smooth, at 360 beats per second. The hands on this GX are nicely finished, with white centres, and are a little clearer in this shot:

More info and movement shots:

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