8110A Restoration Page Updated

The restoration reaches its conclusion – and the performance of the watch on the timer is impressive…


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2 Responses to 8110A Restoration Page Updated

  1. Martin Young says:


    First, thank you for this marvelous explanation and illustration of your watch restoration in progress. It is a treasure.

    Second, I have half a dozen Citizen mechanical watches among which are two with ‘Weekdater’ written on the face. One of these Weekdaters is a fine looking and accurate time keeper that I’d like to have serviced.

    I’m looking for advice and suggestions about finding a trustworthy repair person for my collection. Can you help me please. If you can give me an idea of the cost for a cleaning and adjusting procedure I’d be most appreciative.

    All the best,

    Martin Young Peterborough, New Hampshire.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Martin, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Just to be clear, the restoration has been done by Brian, a master watch maker in the US, not by me. I’m pretty useless at anything that gets complicated! And I have a the knack of losing small parts 😉

      Good to hear that you have some Citizen watches – I’m intrigued that two are marked ‘Weekdater’, which is what Seiko called some of their models. Citizen usually used Autodater – have you any photos you could share? (please note that you can’t post a pic directly but you can link to photos, for example on PhotoBucket).

      I’ll make some enquiries about servicing and get back to you – I’ll do that via email if that’s ok (I see the email addresses of visitors when they make a comment on the blog).


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