Citizen’s 67-9151 Chronograph – Dial Versions and a Puzzle Solved!

For a long time, along with Brian aka ’31Jewels’, I’ve been puzzled by some of the examples I’ve seen of the 67-9151 chronograph. Some of the dials looked much paler, and lacked orange highlights on the sub-dials. I’d wondered if these had faded in the sunlight over the years…..

This puzzle has now been solved, thanks to Brian finding a scan of a leaflet about the 1974 67-9151, which very nicely shows that there were in fact three versions of the dial. All of them have the main dial colour of green, but the sub-dials were bordered either in yellow, yellow and white, or yellow and orange:

Other variations are the yellow second hand to match the all yellow sub-dials, whilst it was orange on the other two types, and ’23J’ used on the yellow and white one.  Note as well that the orange sections of the sub-registers are the opposite sides to the white ones.

I’ll add this to the Chronographs reference page 🙂

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