Score Counter and a White Strap? It’s a Challenge Golf

The ‘Challenge Golf’ is one of Citizen’s more unusual watches.  First produced in 1972, it features a score counter at the 12 o’clock position and crown at 8 o’clock. Here’s a scan of marketing material from October 1972:

Also unusual is the white strap on these two versions of the ‘tv’ dial model. Once or twice I’ve seen these for sale still on the original strap, but it’s clearly something that will deteriorate quickly if used regularly.

Here’s a catalog scan from 1972, with my example of this shape:

Note the price – these are high-ish end watches, with a high beat movement (7760) running at 28,800 beats per hour, which originally retailed at about the same price as the 8110A Challenge Timer chronographs, and more than the 8100A chronographs which were launched at the same time.

Citizen also produced a round dialled model, again with black case and with either a stainless steel or a gold bezel. The green shades of the dial also varied  between the gold and steel models – see the catalog pic. Here are my two together:

An interesting piece that had only a short production run at the time golf was becoming ever more popular.

Here’s more info from the ‘Featured Watch’ series:

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