When Black is…..Brown

Citizen pioneered the use of black coatings on light alloy cases in the early 1970s. I’d noticed one or two images where the coating looked to be brown. I saw one example for sale a while back which was advertised as a ‘brownie’ (Citizen called their black coated watches ‘blackies’) but I thought this may have been a result of wear. However, I recently got hold of a Cosmotron from late 1974, in good condition, and this has a dark brown finish, rather than black:

It does appear to be the original finish. I shall keep a look out for other examples…..


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2 Responses to When Black is…..Brown

  1. patek2499 says:

    I have a Blackie – and a copy of the original advert for it. Here you go. Feel free to use any image if credited to my site. Thanks Scott

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