Vintage Citizen Auto Gets a Full Service……and Some Parts!

About a month ago I posted a link to the Watch Bloke’s site since it showed some work Duncan had done on a vintage Citizen diver, and I also added his site to my Blogroll. Since then I referred Gonzalo,  a visitor here, to Duncan since he had inherited his grandfather’s watch and it was in need of care and attention. The watch in question is an export model using one of the 52 family of movements, as used in the Crystal Seven range.

Duncan has done an excellent page on the service and repair work needed to get Gonzalo’s watch back in good working order – other than Brian’s (’31 Jewels’) work in the USA it is rare to find this kind of detailed presentation, so I am very grateful to Duncan for letting me post a link here:

It’s great to see Gonzalo’s watch up and running, especially since it was his grandfather’s watch.  Now Gonzalo can happily wear it himself knowing it has had a thorough service and repair, so it should do him proud for a good while to come. For that reason I was very pleased to help out with a donor movement so Duncan could resolve the parts issue, which can be the stumbling block when vintage Citizen watches have problems.

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4 Responses to Vintage Citizen Auto Gets a Full Service……and Some Parts!

  1. Marko says:


    Just awesome work !!! There´s always the question-mark with those spotted dials, what to do with it, how it shold be done or should it just let be without any measures… Well, it´s a matter of emotions sometimes, like in this particular case and Gonzalo made a brave and respectable decision!

    There is that another story, Bogdans Chronomaster… HUH, i really recommend to read that one too!!!

    Regards, Marko

  2. mikko says:

    Stephen, truly altruistic act to provide the movement for this project. RESPECT!

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