Diver Page Update

Although I have searched a number times Paul (‘1386paul’) has now managed to find a pic on the web of the rarest version of the 62-6198 150m diver. It has an orange dial and blue bezel, and is now recorded on the diver page.

Thanks again Paul 🙂

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1 Response to Diver Page Update

  1. Mikko says:

    Dear Stephen and Paul,

    I would not like put down these new findings, but I have some conserns about the resent additions to the diver page.

    Starting with orange 62-6198: to me this looks like 52-0110, but the bezel is taken from 62-6198. Is it just me, but I don’t see the blue in the bezel either? Bezels can turn bluish ones worn. Second hand is more modern and not lollipop style as it should be. Dial is exactly the same as shown with the orange 52-0110 and most importantly date indicator is black and not red, indicating it has 8200 inside. Secondly, claimed mint blue bezel which is shown installed to 68-5372 BTW, looks exactly like reroduction bezels sold in Ebay and to me it looks black, although photo has some blue reflections. I might be complitelly colour blind though:D. Original bezel should have quite different lume pip and all the details in the bezel indicates it is reproduction, unfortunatelly.

    Unfortunatelly, to me the resent evidence on orange 62-6198 with blue or black bezel is not enough, but I’m happy to see opposite arguments and more evidence 🙂

    Blue dialed 52-0110 is very interesting as if you look closely it is actually 200m 600ft rated watch. I’m very confident it is legitimate piece and it is the only individual I have ever seen. It was sold in SCWF some years ago:


    Best regards,


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