Interesting Film on the History of Japanese Clocks and Watches

Here’s a link to a short documentary film about Japanese clock and watch making. Before Japan adopted global standard time, variable hours were used according to the season and length of day and night. The ‘Myriad’ variable hours clock from the mid-1800s featured in the video is a marvel! The film was supported by Seiko so you won’t see much of Citizen, but it’s well worth a look:

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2 Responses to Interesting Film on the History of Japanese Clocks and Watches

  1. Alan Smith says:

    Hi, Don’t know if this is going to the right place but just wanted to add a bit of info that you might or might not already know. I recently aquired a Citizen Crystal 7, 25 jewels, 4-520181TA. Black face, very nice. Also a Leopard for the German market with only 36000 on the front, oval shape, left to right, don’t have this with me at the moment so can’t give you the number.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Alan, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I have seen some Leopards sold in Germany, but they look to have more than just ‘36000’ on the dial. I know that many of Citizen’s export models were somewhat ‘de-badged’ so maybe yours is one of those. I’d be interested to see a pic if poss 🙂 You can’t post an image directly here I’m afraid but you can post a link if you have a photo uploaded somewhere – otherwise I can email you and you could send direct if you wish and I can post it here.


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