Little Things……

I noticed a neat little coincidence on the movement of my 33 jewel Chrono Master auto-dater. It’s a Chronometer model so the movement has its own unique serial number:

And if you add up the individual numbers in the serial number, what do you get? 33 of course 🙂

I should get out more!

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4 Responses to Little Things……

  1. Don’t be concerned about the numerology; these watches are such mechanical masterpieces that they deserve such level of attention; it often fascinates me the levels of appreciation of mechanical watches, from the superficial display of a fine wristwatch on the wrist, to those who delve deeper and know about movements, and in the case of the Chrono Master and indeed all the Citizen Classics, we who love the watches continue to appreciate your research. Cheers

  2. Mikko says:

    What happens if you multiply the numbers…do you get word Citizen 😀

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