Restorations by Brian, aka 31 Jewels, Page 1…… Part 2

I’ve now added a full report on Brian’s restoration of Mikko’s Alarm Date to the new page. Mikko has now had two watches fully sorted by Brian, so the one page features both of these. I first published the report on the Custom V2 at the end of April 2015,  so that is Part 1. Scroll down to the end of that to find Part 2 on the Alarm Date:

I must thank Mikko for writing the report and his photos, and Brian of course for his commentary to Mikko and excellent photos. I hope you find this detailed account of Brian’s work interesting – it fascinates me and I am completely impressed with the skill and care Brian applies to his work. Another of my pieces is going to him soon, and I hope it will be the subject of another of these superb reports in due course.

Please do not reproduce any of these pages elsewhere, although I am very happy for you to post links to them here if you wish 🙂

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