Black and White Pair

Well, black and silver really 🙂 These two Cosmotrons use the 4840 electro-mechanical movement. They are the same model, but the dials have differences – the black one from 1971 is marked ‘transistorized’ whilst the silver one from 1970 is marked ‘electronic’. And the fill colour of the Cosmotron logo is different – there is also a blue dialled version with green. The hour and minute hands are a frame design, i.e. see through centres, and the contrast of the bright orange second hand is a great highlight:

A great pair imho 🙂

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4 Responses to Black and White Pair

  1. marvin says:

    Fantastic! The Cosmotrons don’t get their share of notice.
    Handsome watches ahead of their time.

  2. mikko says:

    Perfect couple! By owning the blue version, I have to say these are awesome watches.

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