Leopard Chronometer – Trailer…..

My Leopard Chronometer came back from the USA recently – it has been carefully repaired and serviced by Brian Leiser (aka ’31Jewels’). When I first acquired it the watch had a couple of problems  – one in particular was a major issue – but Brian was able to use his skills to sort it out 🙂

The work Brian has done will be shown in detail at a later date, so for now here is a quick look. Brian sourced a new OEM crystal (they were either faceted or flat), and it is now running at no worse than +4 seconds per day, in all positions – not bad for a well used and previously not so well looked after watch from 1970!:

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4 Responses to Leopard Chronometer – Trailer…..

  1. Mikko says:

    Stunning! Really eager to see Brian’s report 🙂

  2. Hello there Stephen,
    I have, I believe, the same watch, which is working fine. I really like the distinguishing hands. Mine has the marking under the 6 on the face, Japan6-740103 and on the back of the case 740041-Y. Also on the back of the case is a medallion whch resembles the symbol on the face (just above the word automatic) but the medallion disc then has radiating lines to its edge. The regrettable thing is that the medallion has some large circular pits. These medallions are impossible ( I suspect) to replace. I have a Chronomaster which is in great conditon but is absent th;e medallion, In any event, pardon the digressions, it is wonderful to see your Leopard back to where it should be.
    Stephen Loomes

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Stephen – thanks for your comment. You have the same watch, but with date only of course. The medallion on mine has some wear at the edges, as we’ll see when the full article is done. I think you’re right that finding a replacement will be on the difficult side of impossible! Good to hear you have a Chrono Maser too – which model is it?


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