This Week’s Featured Watch #71 – The Super Crystal Date

In the mid 1960s Citizen introduced a new and extensive line of watches, using their 52 automatic movement. This marked the launch of the successful Crystal Seven line, which is one of the better known names from Citizen’s back catalogue. These watches were the first (for Citizen) to use hardened mineral glass rather than acrylic crystals, and this is reflected in the model name.

Also part of the 52 range are the high end Chrono Master automatic models, featuring highly tuned versions including chronometer grade pieces (

The 52 movement features day and date windows, and these carry the ‘Seven’ moniker as a result: But (as with the Chrono Masters) date only models were made, and their movements are designated ’54’. And because they didn’t qualify as ‘Sevens’ they were simply called Crystal Dates:

In between the standard Crystal Date and the Chrono Master, Citizen also produced the ‘Super Crystal Date’, a relatively rare piece. With the 33 jewel 5410 movement, these were subject to enhanced accuracy regulation at the factory, as was done in the Super Jets, Super Deluxe and other ‘Super’ designated models. Also, like the Chrono Master, they have a second setting (‘hacking’) function.

A good Super Crystal Date is hard to find, so this one is a welcome addition to the collection:

The case, hands and dial markers are very reminiscent of the Chrono Masters. The unique italic font of the model name differentiates it however from all other models, whilst the jewel count is a simple, bold ’33’. And, as is typical of many ‘Super’ models there are three stars above the 6 o’clock marker. Sometimes these are printed, but here they are very nicely applied to the silver white dial:

The crown is signed with the ‘C’ emblem:

The 5410 movement is distinguished by ‘Super’ on the rotor, filled with red paint :

Now to one of the best features 🙂 Although not always found on these, this model has a special case back design used on Super Automatics:

The emblem shows a stylised rocket or jet plane, within a pair of wings and with a gear and the three ‘super’ stars underneath. The older style model number is used – AUDS2803 – and the serial number gives a production date of December 1966.

It is running well, with very accurate timing from its 18,000 beat per hour movement. This model has been on my ‘want’ list for a long time, not least because of this:

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4 Responses to This Week’s Featured Watch #71 – The Super Crystal Date

  1. Mikko says:

    Just beautiful!

  2. Alvaro says:

    He encontrado aquí en Uruguay uno muy parecido pero con el número 21 y sin el grabado detrás. El estado estético no es impecable pero es bueno, y la máquina funciona bien. Creo que será una buena compra por U$s 50.

    • sweephand says:

      Hola Alvaro, gracias por visitar mi blog. Ese es un buen precio, especialmente si el reloj está en buen estado de funcionamiento. Stephen

      (Thank you for visiting my blog. That is a good price, especially if the watch is in good working order)

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