Update to ‘Want an Original Citizen Bullhead? – A Quick Buying Guide’

I’ve made an addition to the ‘bullhead’ Buying Guide page, since I have spotted a few examples that look rather good, but in fact are not all that they seem, in my opinion anyway! Such an example sold recently for over £300 (i.e. well over $450)….

The issue I’ve now included in the Buying Guide is a tip on how to spot whether a case has been re-finished, particularly where heavy polishing has been employed and a lot of metal has been removed. I’ve included a couple of pics to help explain it – see Section 3 of the article entitled ‘Other Points to Consider’: https://sweep-hand.org/want-an-original-citizen-bullhead-a-quick-buying-guide/

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2 Responses to Update to ‘Want an Original Citizen Bullhead? – A Quick Buying Guide’

  1. Horst Knebel says:

    Congratulations to you excellent blog. I am a collector of mainly tuning fork watches and have a question to the Cosmotron GX: As of my feeling the construction of that movement still violates the patents of Bulova when it is not covered by the joint venture agreement. Do you have any information on that behalf? even if the fork is just reversed it still uses the principle of the Bulova patents on tuning fork movements, as did the Omega Megasonic……I would appreciate your comments on that via eMail
    Best regards

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Horst, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Email on the way (I’ve removed your email address from your comment since this is a public blog).


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