67-9054 Chronograph – Dial Detail

Citizen made two versions of the 67-9054 chronograph, with either predominantly blue or green dials. On my reference page I describe both as having black sub-dials. However, although that is true of the green version, Anthony has kindly pointed put that the blue dial in fact has very dark blue sub-dials. The dial is a striking deep cyan blue, and the sub-dials continue the theme with an almost black shade of that colour:


I shall add this information to the reference page  – thanks Anthony 🙂

Incidentally so far I have only seen these with 1974 production dates, from April of that year as far as I recall. Please let me know if you have or see one that is earlier than 04/74 or later than 12/74. I suspect thee may have been short-lived because the external bezel is very exposed and therefore prone to damage and wear.  These days it is very hard indeed to find one with a decent bezel.

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5 Responses to 67-9054 Chronograph – Dial Detail

  1. mikko says:


  2. Anthony Kable says:

    Nice photo of the dial, it is very hard to capture these subtle details.

  3. Bart says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Just bought a nice one with a reasonable bezel and original metal bracelet that fits my wrest perfectly.

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