Help with ‘’

Is anybody a member of this forum?:

There’s a nice early 8200 posted there – here’s a link:

The owner has been trying to pin down its production date and I’d like to confirm it is definitely from May 1977 🙂

Thanks in advance if you can help

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11 Responses to Help with ‘’

  1. Rolf Kruithof says:

    I’m a member of the forum!

  2. Leo says:


    Yes the watch is mine. 🙂
    Thanks for the information on the year.

    Regards, Leo

  3. Erwin says:

    Hi there

    I just bought a pristine citizen, turns out it is this exact watch! I am really thrilled, it is so hard to believe the age given the condition. It has hardly been worn since this forum post.

    And to think I was actually just looking for a lcd chrystron like my dad had. The brace seems similar to his though and I am happy I found this. It runs nice.

    But other than the serial numbers, type of movement and the forum entries it’s hard to find anything on this watch.
    What is it called? Are there catalogues where it is featured?

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