The Week’s Featured Watch #62 – The Adorex (8200)

In 1974 launched the 8000 movement in the ‘Adorex’ model. The new design featured, for the first time for Citizen,  a rotor which wound in one direction. It was a high end model, high beat (28,800 beats per hour), with second setting (‘hacking’), hand winding and a fine adjuster on the balance:

A year or so later Citizen launched the 8200 movement, with a range of automatic and hand winding models. The automatic also has uni-directional winding, and became Citizen’s workhorse model, in production for over 30 years. The ‘Eagle 7’ models are well known, appearing in the 1980s, but in the late 1970s one model adopted the Adorex moniker.

I have been looking for an example of the 8200, and to keep within my collection parameters (i.e. pre-1980), an Adorex from 1977 fits the bill:

The 8200 is a much more mundane movement than the 8000 – running at 21,600 beats per hour there is no fine adjuster and no ‘hacking’, although as with most Citizen automatics, it can be hand wound.

This model is featured in the 1977 catalog, where it is priced at ¥25,000, so it was reasonably expensive in its day. The catalog also confirms it is on its original bracelet:

There is one other ‘Adorex’ variant, with the 8050 movement, a revised version of the 8000. So if you are looking at an Adorex for sale, then look out for ‘8000’, ‘8050’ or this kind of case number – 4-82xxxx – to be sure you know what’s inside. I should be able to feature the 8050 in a few weeks’ time.


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