67-9119 Bracelet – What’s the Black?

In his comment on my previous post Marko asks about the bracelet on the 67-9119 Chronograph – although it also came on a black leather strap, it is more often seen on its original steel bracelet. And this is distinguished by the black blocks in the links, and Marko wonders how the black finish was achieved.  The blocks themselves are indents on the outside of the bracelet, the backs of the links are plain and flat stainless steel.

I don’t know the answer to Marko’s question, so I thought I’d ask for views here. Interestingly the original price of the 67-9119 was higher than the other models at that time,  which might be explained by the ‘fancier’ bracelet.

Here’s close-up of the bracelet – does the black look like a coating? or was it painted?


I favour black coating  since Citizen had pioneered black coated cases not long before the chronographs were first produced, and looking at how the finish appears close-up and how it has worn. What do you think?


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15 Responses to 67-9119 Bracelet – What’s the Black?

  1. Eduardo Farha says:

    Nice bracelet; Timex used the same look on the Atlantis models (including contemporary ones) but with the black links inserts made out of rubber (or silicone). In my opinion this Citizen vintage bracelet is powder coated on the black sections.
    Thank you again for the great postings!

  2. Marko says:


    Thanks for raising the issue! 😀
    I have got one of these bracelets, but i´m not able to investigate it at the moment. I will do that in near future and let you know, what i´ll find out.
    But this i can say for now: When i washed it with an ultrasonic cleaner, i found out, that there is some “holes” in corners of some of those blocks. And i´m pretty sure, that they are not coating, they appear to be quite thick. But as i said, i´ll let you know more in near future, when i´ll get that bracelet to closer examination!


  3. trxtr says:

    I’d vote this is some sort of lacquer. lacquer is used in jewelry and Japan has some tradition of using it.

  4. Dear sirs, I have just received one of these watches o the original bracelet. I can’t work out how to resize it. Any suggestions?

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Hamish, thanks for visiting and apologies for my slow reply. This bracelet is a folded link type of course, so doesn’t have pins that can allow links to be removed. I presume you want to reduce it… As far as I know the only way to do this is to ‘unfold’ them, remove the link(s) then re-fold them. But it’s difficult and apparently it’s very hard to reform the folds to the original profile. I’d advise doing a web search for ‘re-sizing folded link bracelets’ you’ll find info on a number of forums. Stephen

  5. Bill Yang says:


    Great blog! I think Citizen’s are undervalued compared to Seikos. I was wondering if you can help me out with a 67-9119 I recently acquired. The dial code is “JAPAN 8100-901191 KA” which is different from the dial code you indicate in your posts. I could not find any information on JAPAN 8100-901191 KA during my research. Would you happen to know if this is the correct dial for the 67-9119? Thanks and keep the posts and beautiful watches coming!


    • Marko says:

      Hi Bill!

      Sorry for interruption, but i can tell, that you have wrong dial for 67-9119… Yours seems to be correct one for an one-register chronograph, i.e. there should be cal.8100 movement and 67-9119 has cal.8110a. Stephen would explain this more clearly :D.
      Could you send photo or two of your watch? I´d like to see, how it´s possible to put the dial of one register chrono to two register chrono!
      You can send photos to Stephen´s e-mail.
      Thank you!

      Regards, Marko

      • sweephand says:

        Hi both – and thanks for visiting my blog Bill, and for your kind comment. I saw an eBay sale recently where the seller typed 8100 for the dial code in his description when in fact it was 8110 on the actual dial in his pics – is this the one you bought Bill? Stephen

        • Bill says:


          Sorry I bombarded your site and probably made entries multiple times as I thought it didn’t post on your site. Yes, that is the one I bought where the seller typed 8100 in the dial code when in fact the dial is 8110 and the movement is 8110. Do you know if this is replacement/wrong dial? Thanks.


          • sweephand says:

            Hi Bill, no problem about your posts I can bin the duplicate ones easily enough. It is confusing, but comments can’t be published until I approve them so there can be a delay. The watch and dial looked fine to me, but I can have a look at your photos to double check,

      • Bill says:


        I’ll send you photos tonight. Can you please give me one of your email addresses? Thanks.


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