Some More Chronograph Catalog Scans

With many thanks again to Anthony, I now have more scans of several Challenge Timer models from Citizen’s old catalogs. These are especially good for checking ‘correctness’ of examples for sale, things like the colour of day and date wheels, original bracelets and straps, and dial and hand combinations. I’ll add these to the reference page with some commentary but in the meantime here are the scans for your information. First, from 1974:


This image includes a rare (non-chronograph) 6501 automatic, with rotating inner bezel. I was surprised to see that the original price was more than the Challenge Timers. These original black straps are extremely rare these days – I have only seen one or two examples of them on Yahoo Japan.

Now, from 1975, with the 67-9119 shown on its familiar bracelet with black panels:


Nest is from 1976, and with the same models as 1975. But I’ve included it because there is one interesting difference (and it’s not the position they are in on the page). Can anyone spot what it is?


With the 1977 catalog featuring the same modes as ’75 and ’76, let’s move on to 1978, and here we have the ‘Speedies’:


And finally, five years later in 1983, we see two examples of the Walter Wolf special edition, one in a titanium case. And look at those prices!:




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19 Responses to Some More Chronograph Catalog Scans

  1. Mike Wilensky says:

    Nice posting!

  2. Jim B says:

    Great! Thanks for the pics. Please give me advice where could I buy those white-black H/M hands for my 67-9551? I think the same as 4-901045 model in the middle of the third picture. Thanks in advance.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Jim – don’t think I’ve ever seen this hand set for sale anywhere I’m afraid. Are they missing on yours, or are they the wrong ones?


      • Jim B says:

        Hi Stephen! Unfortunately the painting is damaged on the minute hand and the minute summarizer hand. I ordered an aftermarket hand set for 8110 which I hope will be compatible but the hour and minute hand is not exactly the same as mine.

        • sweephand says:

          Those after-market ones will fit of course, but do you think the original hands could be repainted or touched up to improve them? A full repaint for this style is not easy, but it may be possible to carefully fill in the gaps if the paint has flaked.


          • Jim B says:

            Hi Stephen!
            I’ve seen some repainted watch hands and those were really ugly, it might be very difficult to prepare, repaint and relume by hand. Thats why (maybe I’m the only one with my opinion 🙂 ) but I prefer the aftermarket hands instead of repainted originals. Anyway it is so sad that there’s no spare or aftermarket spare hands for a watch which had been in production for almost a decade. I’ll post pics of the new look after I got the hands from US and the sternkreuz crystal from UK and installed both.

  3. Marko says:


    Thank you for the great pictures!
    I guess the puzzle here is white dialed “Bullhead”? There is for some reason different case number in 1976 picture.
    Those Walter Wolff edition watches prices are unbelievable high!
    I have asked this before, but never got proper answer… What material are those black blocks within 67-9119 bracelet?


    • sweephand says:

      You’re welcome Marko, although thanks should really go to Anthony – and yes you’ve spotted that one ‘bullhead has a different case number in the 1976 catalog. That case number 4-901177 – is typically associated with the the ‘standard’ silver dialled bullhead with plain black sub-dials. Well done, but there’s no prize other than lots of kudos 🙂

      Interesting question about the black blocks, I think I’ll do a post abut it….


      • Marko says:

        What? No prize at all??? Only kudos, i´m SO disappointed… 😀
        Weird thing, that there have been that case number in that particular year. Is there some difference between those two cases, the one in the catalog and the “standard” one? For me those “bullheads” just looks all the same, exluding the octagonal one :D.


        • Anthony says:

          I actually do not think that there is a difference between the models in the two catalogs and that it is actually a typo. The ’77 catalog features the same watch but the case number matches the ’75 catalog again.

        • sweephand says:

          😀 sorry to disappoint! I’m sure the cases are identical, and as Anthony has said, the different case number was probably a mistake in the catalog. I’ll see if I can find any examples in my files to see what’s on the back.


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