Last Watch of 2015 – Challenge Timer, aka ‘Bullhead’

My last purchase of 2015 arrived yesterday – it’s a ‘bullhead’, but one of the 67-9011 Challenge Timers that is not seen too often. It has a dark grey dial, with a multi-coloured minutes register and uniquely for the 8110A chronographs, a printed ‘Citizen’ logo rather than an applied one:


HAPPY NEW YEAR – I hope you have a peaceful 2016.

(I’ll get to the outstanding comments as soon as I can!)

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8 Responses to Last Watch of 2015 – Challenge Timer, aka ‘Bullhead’

  1. sam tabar says:

    Now that’s absolutely gorgeous! Where did you get it and how much? I’ve been looking for an older model of the bullhead but they’re rare on ebay and usually in bad shape. Would you recommend a better source?

    Happy new year!


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Sam, Happy Hew Year to you too 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog. I usually source my watches from Yahoo Japan, although I was surprised when I first searched there that there are relatively few vintage chronographs, and it can be difficult to find a correct one in good condition. This one was around $US165, although the extra costs of buying on Yahoo Japan have to be factored in.


  2. Mike Wilensky says:

    Very attractive…I was amazed how small these watches are when I finally received mine a few years ago! I don’t wear mine; I use it as a (beautiful) display model with my collection of chronographs.

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Mike – the movement is very compact so the overall size is generally smaller than your average mechanical chronograph. Suits my delicate wrists 🙂


  3. Marko says:

    Wow! That´s a nice one! I don´t in generally like “bullhead”, i think those buttons and crown should be in side of the watch, but this one is exception :D. Well, maybe octagon panda could be in question… 😀


  4. Spiros Manesis says:

    wwwooowwwwwwww … that’s perfect …..

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