Up to Date?

I hope so – just finished replies to comments, I think I’ve done them all. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

And here’s a quick pic, just for Marko 🙂


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15 Responses to Up to Date?

  1. kristian lewis says:

    Nice looking watch. I take it the crown is significant. What year is it from?

    • sweephand says:

      I’m teasing Marko a little bit, after he said: I don´t in generally like “bullhead”, i think those buttons and crown should be in side of the watch, but this one is exception :D. Well, maybe octagon panda could be in question… 😀

      The watch is a 67-9356 from 1980, it’s an ‘octagon panda’ 🙂

  2. Marko says:

    Wohhaa! Ok, that is something! 😀 Would wear one, if i just could get it for reasonable price from somewhere… Seems like vintage Citizens are coming more expensive in general, that´s because of Seiko-hysteria… There are incredible increase in prices of vintage Seikos, what i have noticed in Ebay and few other places within few years.
    Stephen, i´ll leave more comments to few posts of yours in near future! I have had very busy times lately…


    • sweephand says:

      Hi Marko – you’re right that prices are rising, and although I don’t follow them these days, vintage Seiko chronograph prices do seem to have gone skyward.


  3. Aris says:

    Hello Stephen and Happy new year!

    Thank you for all the informative and entertaining info.
    You are doing such a good job with this website. Congratulations!
    Anyway, I stumbled across this:
    Dial seems to be from a 67-9038.
    The case back is from a 67-9143 but no black or gold!
    The case… Well I have no clue from where that is!
    Could you shed some light into this model? if it ever existed?

    Thank you,

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Aris – thanks again for your kind words 🙂 This is a ‘franken’ watch, cobbled together from several models with some after market stuff thrown in. I love the way the seller describes it’s condition as ‘mint’!!

      First, the 67-9038 dial is an after-market one – the printing is not so fine as original dials, but the easiest way to spot such a part is to look at the applied Citizen logo. It’s too long – it should be noticeably shorter than ‘chronograph’ printed underneath, i.e.:

      All the hands are replacements and none appears to be from Citizen, let alone from an 8110 chronograph. You’ve identified that the back is from a gold cased ‘bullhead’, whilst the case and bezel are from another model, the 67-9071, which has had its black coating removed. Here’s what it should look like:

      Otherwise, it’s ……mint 🙂


      • Marko says:

        Hi Stephen!

        Thank you for those details for that dial! I have not examined dials from that point of wiev, i have used to check only if they are repainted or not, aftermarket dials are something new to me.
        And this watch is quite surpraise, can´t beleave, that there is trash like that for sale! It´s immoral to get together watch like that and sell it as “mint” ! F&/)(&%g crook… really spoiled my day… Would buy nothing from that seller, even as we don´t know who is behind the actual assemble of this crap.
        “Watch has been kept in mint condition

        Item has been refurbished in order to keep it in good working condition”
        “Watch has been fully serviced ”
        These are from the description. So i assume, that the seller knows what he is selling…

        Stephen, look at the Seiko “bullhead” from the same seller, that price is ridiculous! And will raise from that to who knows what! Well, i don´t waist time to look at that closer, but who knows, could be another franken!


        • sweephand says:

          You’re welcome Marko – whoa…the Seiko bullhead is now at UK£530!! You’ve gotta worry when the chrono hands have been painted pink…..


          • Marko says:

            LMAO !!! As i said, the price range of vintage Seikos have lost reality long time ago. That chrono is good example… And this is not what ever chrono, it have to be franken somehow, i´m quite sure about that, pink hands 😀 ! Well, let´s leave this one behind and the seller to the shame…
            It´s fantastic to see, that there is people like Resh, without knowing him in person, i could say, that he is those watch-persons who i´d like to see more in this “business”. Those profit making crooks, like Seiko seller above, there is too many of them out there…


            • sweephand says:

              ‘Pink Hands’ sold for UK£610! I would say good case and bracelet, after-market everything else…..but I’m no Seiko expert though 😉 Even the franken 8110 made UK£127!!

              Nice words about Resh, always good to see someone’s interest in older Citizens develop 🙂


  4. Resh says:

    Happy new year! Also, fantastic work and articles – I’ve been sneaking peeks at this site during work for some time now. I had a quick question on a Citizen Watch I recently got my hands on. Seems old, and from all appearances, uses an 8200 movement of somesort (can be handwound, but no hacking). Info as follows:

    Movement number on dial:

    On Caseback:
    4-R14244 RW
    880649 (I assume this is the serial no.)

    The dial also has a strange arrow shaped insignia:

    I’ve come across this insignia on the Citizen “Blue Eagle” automatic as well:

    Do you have any idea when this watch might have been made, and what model line it was from?

    Thanks a million!

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Resh, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Your watch is somewhat later than the models I am most familiar with I’m afraid. I don’t know if it is from a model line as such although the dial logo may indicate that as in the ‘blue eagle’. The 8200 automatic movement has been produced for over 30 years so dating them can be tricky. The style of the model number – 4-R14244 is indicative of a later one, as is the six figure serial number – earlier ones usually have 8 digits. So I reckon it could be from 1998. Btw, the case number is an authentic one, and GN-4W-S is the case type code, indicating it is a water resistant type with a screw down back.


      • Resh says:

        Hi Stephen,

        Thanks a million for your response! Your enthusiasm for these older watches has actually gotten me to start looking for some more obscure/older models of Citizens as well (both online and in the back rows of some local jewellers display cases).

        Keep up the great work!

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