Citizen 52-0110 Diver – Blue Bezel Insert…or Faded Black?

If you’ve read the Diver Page (, you’ll have seen some commentary in the 52-0110 section about dial variations and questions about whether there was ever a blue bezel insert for this (and other 150m divers). The conclusion was that it’s more likely that the blue colour is the result of UV fading of the original black insert, even though there has been an after-market blue insert available as well as black ones. Bert has sent me a nice photo  of his 52-0110 with blue insert- I particularly like the background 😉 :


I’m interested to know what other people think – is this a blue bezel insert, or is it faded black? Bert noted that his is from 1977, as is the one shown via a link in the diver article. What do you think?


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4 Responses to Citizen 52-0110 Diver – Blue Bezel Insert…or Faded Black?

  1. Nick. says:

    I would have thought a simple way to determine the colour would be to pop the insert out and see if the back is blue as well. My bet would be it’s the original black.

  2. Bert says:

    Good morning everyone! Why is it always other guys that come up with great ideas and not me! No, seriously, I followed Nick’s advise this morning and you will not believe what I found (besides 5 kilograms of sand and dust)…. I can imagine the tension is killing you! I’ll leave the revelation to our highly appreciated Bloghost. I sent Stephen some pictures to help solve this mystery that kept our brains occupied since the late 1970-is. All the best for now, Bert from Holland

    • sweephand says:

      Thanks Bert, good of you to take your watch apart, not everyone would be happy to do that! And thanks for the pics, now published in a new post.


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