Work In Progress

Been busy with more research recently, so I hope to be publishing some new stuff soon. Together with a major update of the Movement Table,  I’ll have a comprehensive list of Citizen’s case material codes (I know, I should get out more!)

First though I’ll be uploading Citizen’s Chronometer standards, which apply to their high end Chrono Master, Leopard Chronometer, Highness and Glorious automatics as well as the hand winding Chronometer and Chrono Master models.

So please watch this space 🙂

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2 Responses to Work In Progress

  1. sasha says:

    And what about 1990s models? I am looking for Sitizen model, type chronograph quartz. Dark blue dial , arrows and icons yellow around the rim of the dial -type yellow like CA4014-57E
    model. In the continuation of the rim in the middle of the bracelet are inserting yellow . The case and bracelet – stainless steel, not titanium. As the functionality similar to the model of AP 2470-71H, AP2520-67H, AI3820-73H, ie, two alarms , local time , etc. The watch was bought somewhere in the mid-90s . Sweeps them for almost 10 years were well looked even better documents lost , I remember only the appearance and functions.
    p.s. translated by gooooog 🙂

    • sweephand says:

      Hi Sasha – thanks for visiting my blog. I’m afraid I don’t know the more recent quartz and eco-drive models and movements. My collection is mainly older mechanical watches so I’m sorry I can’t help.


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