Orange Dialled 4-520858 (61-5773) 100m Waterproof Diver

With many thanks to ‘Vlad’, I’ve just added images of his very nice 100m diver, from December 1969, to the diver reference page (

Vlad kindly offered his images for the archive, and it is such a nice example I thought I’d also add a post about it here. Blue and orange dials were featured on the export models of this watch, and different shaped hands from the ‘Parawater’ versions were also used:


The watch is in very good condition, especially the bezel insert which can get rather chipped and faded over the years:


The case back is typical of its day, showing case (4-520858) and model (61-5773) numbers:


Inside is the 21 jewel day and date 52 movement – the black rotor appears to be the standard type on these:


Both the orange and blue dialled versions of this watch are quite rare, and I am grateful to Vlad for allowing his photos to be used here.


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9 Responses to Orange Dialled 4-520858 (61-5773) 100m Waterproof Diver

  1. marvin says:

    Thanks Stephen for the look at an outstanding example of an iconic watch! Hard to believe this one is nearly 50 years old. m.

  2. Bert says:

    Good morning Stephen, Great watch indeed! There also is a “2 tone” version of this orange dial watch with yellow. Mine dates from april 1972. If you need pics for the archive, just let me know.
    All the best, Bert

  3. Chris says:

    I have a blue dial version of the citizen 4-520858 that I would like to have serviced. Can sweephand recommend a shop where I can send the watch for service?

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